What does beauty mean to you?

Hello All, What is beauty and what does it mean to you??  Is it something you think about often on a daily basis or something you never give any thought to?

Is it something you possess or something you wished you had? Growing up as a child, my looks were never something I gave much consideration for. Although I do remember having *beauty* contests with other kids in the area I grew up in and coming last. *cue violin strings*

It was only really when I attended senior school that I started taking my appearance seriously and found out who the pretty kids were and where I ranked amongst them.

Even back then, I was aware that kids who were considered pretty were liked better by fellow pupils and teachers alike. More people wanted to be their friend and were nicer to them.

The physical presentation of someone is the first thing we notice, its what we base our opinion on. Rightly or wrongly we make our mind up about someone in a matter of minutes depending on their looks. *Looking the part* is a term you often hear.

Beauty opens doors for you. I know lots of us like to think we only become friends, colleagues, partners with someone due to their personalities the truth is most of us either consciously or sub consciously become the one of the above depending on their level of physical appearance

The picture above is Christy Turlington, I use to really look up to her when I was a teenager.  I remember feeling very jealous  of her beauty. If only I looked liked Christy my life would be perfect. Sadly I did not grow into a Turlington lookalike. Even now in her forties, she still looks beautiful.

Who did you most want to look like growing up??


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