Dreaming of Mulberry

Hi All, Look at this beauty.....isn't she gorgeous.....she's from Mulberry  and I'm in love with her although my purse and debit cards are not.....I need to speak to them later about this....her full title is Mulberry Medium Lily Leather Shoulder Bag and she's just a little short of a grand.....

In my head, I can imagine myself wearing her with lots of different outfits, skipping alone the streets of London with a big swing in my step like Carrie from SATC.....although in reality, I would probably guard it zealously and squash it under my armpit for fear of it getting damaged or touched by other wondering hands on the tube.....don't touch my bag!!

How do other people feel about expensive handbags, whats the most you would spend on a bag?? Do you have a collection of them? ( please be my friend) There are certain brands that never grow old but there are also certain brands I have seen so many times......the allure has rubbed off.

Mulberry for me have always been a massive thumbs up but the relationship seems to be one sided   for now.....until we meet Mulberry.

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