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  Not that I was invited, I think my invite was lost in the post as me and Karl are on first name terms...erm not!! I would really love to own a 2.55 Chanel bag, that's one of my bucke list goals. It may seem a slightly silly goal but it's the only bag that I have ever wanted. Paris has been chock a block with all the beautiful people and Karl Lagerfield for Chanel held their show this week. It had a technology based theme hence the robots. Clothing wise though, things were still very much Chanel.
 Alexander McQueen features quite a strong pirate theme this year. It's funny because now I can tell who designed a piece of clothing before I have had any actual proof that they did!! Particular McQueen. Even after his sad passing I am glad that the designs have had true to his spirit.

The weather in London has been acting rather strange as it its fighting itself against the turn of Autumn. Monday was so hot, Tuesday rained, then Wednesday  was one of those not cold but slightly too hot for a proper coat. By Thursday though, we were in no doubt that Autumn was amongst us.  Over the past few years. I have noticed that August tends to be a complete wash out and late September tends to really bloom. The only downer is the night drawing in. I mean before 6pm now...c'mon!!!
Zara as always has the perfect knitwear and I love this simple turtleneck jumper for just under £20.00!
Not that we need any reason to buy more stripey jumpers than we already own.....but.....we just need more stripey jumpers in our life okay!! This one is just £22.99

I shall be visiting family over the weekend to catch up and to eat my body weight in food. This always tends to happen when I visit family. I eat a lot. Does anyone else do that when they visit their family??


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