4 Things To Try From Clarins

Clarins Gentle Skin Foaming Cleaners 125ml £19.50
One of the first things I tried from Clarins was their cleanser, I think there was a special offer on at Boots (I know!) but I was on the look out for one and this special offer was just the push I needed to hand over my card. This is such a lovely product to use it doesn't foam as such despite the name but cleanses more like a milk. Effective at removing make-up without stripping the skin or making it feel tight. I recommend trying this especially in the winter months when our skin tends to be a bit dull from the harsh elements.

Clarins Face Treatment - Blue Orchid 30ml £33.00
I was lucky enough to be given one of these as a birthday gift (I tend to ask for beauty things for my b day) I read about the oil in a glossy magazine and was sold instantly. It's aimed at dehydrated skin types. Great for hydration and for glossing over those pesky like fine lines.  It's a real treat to use again especially in the colder winter months where the combination of cold dry air and hot air cons can cause havoc on our skin.

Clarins Extra Firming Eye Lift Perfecting Serum 15ml £39.00
This is a product on my wish list and is something I am hoping to find under the Christmas tree this year!! This is a great product to help tighten up the area under the eyes without drying the skin out.I always try to use some sort of skin care product around my eyes and the older I've got the more money I seem to spend on eyecare. Money well spent in this case!

Clarins Multi Active Night Cream 50ml £44.00
Again another Birthday gift to me from me!! My skin can be quite dry and I do find I need nourishing products but nourishing products that aren't going to clog my pores. These can actually be tricky to find. This cream is beautiful to use as it feels so luxurious on the skin....I tend to find I use the correct amount due to the price....I don't use excess amounts and then use the leftovers* as a handcream...oh no....purely for the face only.

What products do you use from Clarins??


ps. I am having trouble with the font on blogger hence above. I am working at trying to get this fixed as soon as possible. 

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