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 So the fashion circus moved on to Milan last week, above is Missoni Spring/Summer 2017 collection. I love the way Missoni use colour in their collections sadly I do not have a wardrobe crammed full of their clothing....sigh!

Not for the shy and retiring is this collection from Dolce & Gabbana!! Loud prints, colours and slight military interpretation dominated the collection. I do like their adverts but I feel their clothes are a little *out there* for me although I wouldn't turn down a freebie!!

 Purity was the name of the day for this collection from Marni. A rather ethereal collection. I love white as a colour to wear as I find it flatters my skin tone but it can be a nightmare to keep clean!

This rather masculine collection is from Bottega Veneta. The house itself is celebrating 50 years of business and 15 years as Creative Director for Tomas Maiers. Lauren Hutton, Karen Elson and Eva  Herzigova walked down the runway alongside the likes of the Hadid sisters.

 Last but not least is the new collection from Versace who else?? Bright strong colours, really make an impact and stand out from the crowd. If money were no object.

 At present I carry my laptop around the house I live in to type. Be it the  Kitchen, living room, bedroom etc but I don't really have a proper desk to write on. I have a kitchen table but I eat from it and I want to have my own little work haven to blog in/on. Above are some ideas from Ikea that have given me pause for thought.
  Have a lovely weekend .


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