TK Maxx

I'm a huge fan of TK Maxx  but even though I shop there regularly I was completely unaware that they sold so many cute notepads and stationery. I blame this on the oversight that I never looked at this section before until just recently, always heading straight to the female clothing and beauty section.  The moleskin journals above were on sale for  £7.99 which is a saving of about five pounds.
These cute little notepad sets above were on sale for £14.00.  I know lots of you guys use either your computer or your phones to store notes or send notes but I think there is something a little personal about receiving an actual note through your letterbox! It's like someone has given more thought.
I do like to have a couple of candles scattered around the house. I don't always burn them, I just like to have them on show! These adorable candles are a good selling point. You can buy more than one for starters and they would also make great gifts as well. These are currently on sell for £7.00
If you shop in TK Maxx, what do you tend to buy? 

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