Love is a funny old thing isn't it? Nothing causes as so much pain and yet so much happiness at the same time.  It's something we actively seek even though we may have had our hearts broken a million times before, we still go out our way to find love. (yet again) 

Look at the picture above, I don't know their names as I found the image  via Pinterest but I know they have been married for over 60 years.....60 years...can you imagine being with the same person day in and day out for that long?

Does this sound like bliss to you or your worst nightmare come true? I guess it depends on your relationship. Years ago, people I feel were not as materialistic as people are today (we are talking war time here!) people tended to chose someone they actually fancied and loved. Fast forward to today,  everyone seems obsessed  with what job you do, how much you earn and who you know. No wonder why so many marriages end in divorce. How about qualities such as love, trust, friendship, commitment, honesty...to name a few.

Friendship, that's a word that creeps up a lot in long term marriages over fifty years....they described their partner as their best friend. Is that the secret to a happy marriage?


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