Always be *Happy*

My niece scribbled the above (she's seven by the way) but it really got me thinking about being happy and if indeed I felt happy.  Does anyone wake up feeling happy? Or does it come and go in waves during the day?

To be honest I can't really remember the last time I felt truly happy. Most of the time I feel okay, okay as in not sad but not exactly jumping for joy around the living room either.  How do you know if you are happy? When you have a permanent smile on your face? If that is the case, then no I am not happy.  I'm not depressed but there are certain area's in my life...I would like to change, Which explains why most of the time..I...just feel okay. 

Life is for living though? Yes?...I can't begin to count the amount of friends I have lost to different illnesses over the years. Young men/women in their prime. I'm sure you guys reading this can tell me similar stories as well.  We know all this, life is short, life is for living,  Pinterest is full of motivational quotes but sometimes life is hard....you might be doing a job you don't like, working for a boss you dislike, maybe the house you live in isn't ideal...not earning enough money to buy the things you want...and so on and so on..

However, I feel I owe it to myself and to my niece to try and *Always Be Happy*  in whatever way I can. I will update more about this in a future post....but in the meantime....I shall be putting on my *Happy Face* and taking little baby steps towards a more positive future. 


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