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 I  am a big fan of Zara and have been loving their new campaign for Autumn/Winter 2016. Actually I have been loving all the campaigns from just about everyone this year. There is something to be said  when the next season's campaigns hit the shops...it makes you forget about all your old things and start craving all their new stuff....but I guess that means they are doing something right!

How hot has the weather been in London for the past few days!?! ....it's been a scorcher!! Yes, my back has been dripping with sweat...despite taking two showers a day!! It won't last though....rain before we know it..but *Hot Weather* you have been swell.

I also brought myself up to date into the 21st Century and finally bought an I-Phone. I plumped for a Pink SE phone. I preferred this phone as it was smaller than an Iphone 6. The SE phone sits neatly in my hand. The camera quality is better than an Iphone 6, apperately. I think I may finally be joining Instagram. Once I have worked out how to use the phone....baby steps.
I am partial to a Margarita or two (aren't well all) my pinboard is stuffed with ideas and recipes. You can follow my board  After Hours Perfect if you want to learn a new skill. Mastering the art of a perfect Margarita is a very under rated skill. That's all I am saying.

Bloglovin posts I have been loving this week come courtesy from Take Aim. I shall be taking notes from her *How to dress down a black dress* you can read this Here.  I have been reading this blog for awhile  now and if you haven't do check it out as she is MEGA COOL! Next up, a really interesting post from  The Coveteur on how to deal with damaged tresses. Don't use a shampoo at all. You use conditioner as a shampoo and a deep condition as a conditioner...got that!! Good read Here for further tips and information on how to get your good hair back once and for all.

It's Bank Holiday Weekend here in the UK. Our last one of the year. Have a lovely weekend all.


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