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I am a huge fan on Pinterest. I talk about Pinterest  to the point that I almost bore myself to death. I love losing hours of my time getting sucked into this black hole with no easy way of escaping. You can follow me on Pinterest Here
As always some great posts on Bloglovin this week, here are a few that caught my eye this week
(1) Interesting read from Hannah Gale on her anxiety in this Here (2) I live in London but if you don't, this guide from What Olivia Did will give you some Ideas (3) I'm not really someone who aspires to DIY projects but this fun project by Poppy Deyes made me realise that finally there is something I *may* be able to do. Read it  Here (4) Another great read was the One Minute  Miracle Stress Reliever on A Rosie Outlook (5) Every year Bloglovin has an award ceremony to celebrate hat they feel are the best blogs in the land/world/universe, have a look here to see if you  Agree
Like many of you out there, I am a huge fan of both stripes and Zara. You can't really tell in this photo but the top is actually shiny. So yes you will need another stripey tee in your drawers now! Read more about the top Here
I have a pinboard dedicated to the work of fruit, yes really. I love it when people create interesting images from everyday foods. Like the bananas in the top photograph , their bottom have been skinned! Such as easy thing to do and it creates a striking image. You can find more similar striking images on my pinboard Fruit For The Soul

Did you read about my post on Covent Garden? You can catch it Here It is a must see/do for anyone who lives in London or is  thinking of taking a trip here. It's utterly fab!
I haven't been watching huge amounts of the Olympics due to work but I really wanted to say how proud I am of  TeamGB,  at this moment in time we have 21 Golds, 21 Silvers and 13 Bronze, I think this is the highest amount of Golds ever in an Olympics games for Great Britain. Not that I was any good at sports. I was always picked last in school....(Ahhhh)
Have a fab weekend everyone, I'm off to the coast to get sunburnt but more likely drenched!


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