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I spoke about my love for Liz Earle in this  post Right Here If you haven't tried anything from this range then you must try the cleanser. It will do amazing things to your skin.
These wise words from my seven year old niece have been inspiring me.  You live more in the moment when you are a child don't you. You're not planning ahead five/six months down the line......I'm trying to fit in one *fun* thing a day.....just for fun....that makes me laugh and yes indeed *Happy*
This dress from Zara caught my eye. It's no secret I'm a big fan of the brand as I tweet about them all the time. They have such amazing stuff though.....it's easy to spend your money. Their new collection for  Autumn/winter does not disappoint, no siree!
So I came across this picture on the Internet (sorry there was no credit) and I immediately thought *Awww*  how cute, obviously she can't seat without bursting the balloons....but at that age they like being on their feet all day don't they! I don't have a baby but I almost want to steal one, so I can dress them like this!
I have also been reading tons of posts via Bloglovin as it's one of my favourite sites to visit. I am a big fan of From Roses and I enjoyed reading her 6 current beauty loves featuring a certain SJP. I for one, do like her fragrances, I get the impression she has had more input into them than lots of others who just stamp their name across the front.  If you are interesting in contributing to the Sunday Girl Blog then I would check out her post  Here as she is currently looking for *guinea pigs!* I'm always on the lookout for ways to improve my photography and  A Beautiful Mess are always on hand with this post Tips for a ricer photograph They also have their own apps as well which are sold on Apple, I believe. A great honest read from Em Talks on her hair journey, well more to the point her hair extension story and the damage it created. Well I worth spoil it, by saying too much but you can read it Here
I love flowers, my surname is Rose afterall. Although I'm not very good at looking after them. They always seem to wilt and die within a couple of days in my care! I love flowers that are used as art in photographs like the ones above. All these images can be found on my Pinterest Page Have a lovely weekend guys. 


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