4 Aveda Conditioners to try

Aveda Damage Remedy Restructuring Conditoner  £24.50- £92.00
This is one of Aveda's hard hitting and most popular conditioners.  Perfect for hair that's been damaged by excessive colouring or heat appliances.  It contains Quinoa protein to help the hair shaft repair itself. I first tried a sample of this and I have to say a little really does go a long way. If you're looking for a product to strengthen your hair, then this is your baby!

Aveda Brilliant Conditioner £21.00 -  £77.00
This conditioner is really good if your hair type is dry and is prone to tangles. This conditioner also works best if you leave on your hair after you shampoo for about five minutes.  This was the second product I tried from Aveda. It doesn't weigh your hair down which I find tends to happen with lots of moisturizing conditioners. I have fine hair but lots of it and it has a tendency to do it's own thing whether I like it or not! A good all rounder.

Be Curly Conditioner £21.00 - £77.00
Personally I haven't used this conditioner but my sister who has very curly hair swears by it! Her hair is prone to frizz and this is something she battles with on a daily basis. She also finds that it helps to define her curls more.  Her hair is on the thick side of curly in case anyone is interested.

Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Clay Conditioner £21.00 - £39.00
This was the most recent product I tried. My hair is fine but I have lots of it. Heavy conditioners might b nourishing but they weigh my hair down like you wouldn't believe it. As soon as I have washed my hair my hair looks like it's needs a wash again. Even though this product has clay  in it, it really does help to boost fine hair without making it feel weighed down. 

I'm not loyal to anything, beauty wise. I like to try new things all the time so as soon as I have finished one bottle I move onto the next. I guess it's a blogging thing! What are your favourite Aveda products and why? I would love to know. 


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