Denim Shorts - Street Style

Tis the season of the denim shorts, (yes I am aware that it's been raining in London!) these two words can fill some with glee and happiness and others (like me!) with sheer horror. I will leave you to decide which camp you fall into! I do love a good denim short myself and have often resorted to basically shortening an old pair of denim jeans actually. I like my shorts to cover some of the tops of my thighs. Daisy dukes are not for me. I don't need to impose my bottom for all and sundry to *witness. If you try on a pair of shorts in a shop always make sure to have a good look at what you look like from the behind. Also it's also a good idea to bend over whilst you are doing it.  Then you know it for instance you bend down to pick up a bag or whatever you are not over exposed. I don't think people actually do this which is why I tend to see a lot of butt cheeks whether I like it or not! Butt cheeks on holiday are fine, but not walking down Oxford Street and certainly not on a dress down Friday work day. You know who you are.

I would love to know if you guys are regular denim short wearers. If so, where do you buy them from?


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