50 (AMAZING) Idea's to Improve Your Blog

1.  Stuck for idea's on what to write? How about an extra 113 Here they should keep you busy.
2.  Photography skills gettiing you down? This Advice will get you back on track.
3.  When was the last time you look at your about me page? Rock It like you own it.
4.  If you brave and ready to face facts. The this post will tell you why no is reading your Blog
5.  Want to create something free for your blog readers?  Printables Very east to set up.
6.  Money a subject no one likes to discuss. How to make money blogging if you do.
7.  Still stuck for idea's on what to write. This post has 118 idea's...Yes...Look
8.  They say a picture can tell a thousand words, more so where blogging is concerned Here
9.  Want to know how bloggers add those fancy text/graphics to their blog. Look  At This
10. Unsure when you should be posting on Social Media and how often? This guide is for You

11. Looking to create a tight social media marketing plan. This will help you on your way.
12. Want a free checklist on how to grow you blog? Then click Here
13. Unsure what your image size should be for social media images? The right size 
14. Confused with all this HTML coding Great tips/advice easy to follow instructions
15. Still unsure as to the basics of so many different social media channels Click
16. Thinking of adding Youtube to your game. This video gives great sound advice
17  Been on the tail end of some negativity to your blog. This Sheet gives great guidance.
18. We're only human and we all make mistakes. Stop and you won't in your social  game.
19.  Interested to know of the blogging predications for 2016
20. Want to add in important calender dates to your blog? Make a note.

21. Unsure about *Branding* and want to learn more. This Guide is fab.
22  A months worth of blog idea's already written out for You worth a read.
23. Want to know why Instagram is the most important social tool this year.
24.  Want to up your Twitter game. This post covers the key 8 issues to get you on track.
25. Wonder Forest and how she makes a living Online Honest, easy to read advice and steps.
26.  Does your blog feel a bit flat. Want to inject more of your Personality into it.
27. Feel like a pigeon among a flock of pigeons on Twitter. Be a Flamingo instead.
28. Looking to connect with like minded creative people. This is a great Start
29. Want to give you blog a new look in only 7 Days
30. Learn how to create a media kit for you blog  Kick Ass Media Kit

31. Flat line photography confusing you? Guide will help you to upp your game.
32. Want to go places with your blog. The you will need a Business Plan
33. I love ByRegina and this Post is a good start if you want to start taking your blog seriously
34. Images are important for every blog Free Photos for your website, so many idea's.
35. Want to gain more likes on Instagram Triple Them and more with this article.
36. Fancy an Instagram challenge 31 Days will give you plenty to think about.
37. Editing pictures can be confusing Not Any More with this super handy guide.
38. Fed up with your blog design, then why not create a fresh design Wix Designs
39. I cannot get enough Blogging Tips Knowledge is power so the people say.
40. About Me Page is something people ignore but more readers read it than you realize.

41. Bullet Journal is a great way to keep tags on your blog. social media and life in general.
42. Why not create a Vision Board this will keep your blog goals on track  years!
43. Want to reduce the amount of time you spend on social media but want more Results
44. For a great selection of blog designs try The Haute Studio
45. Another shop with great blog designs is Munich Paris Designs
46. Want more control over your blog? Then Squarespace could be for you.
47. Or perhaps Wordpress is your thing. Have a browse through here, for a great Choice
48. Everyone is talking about newsletters these days. Chic Email Templates
49 Want blogging advice from an Insider..of course you do. This is Awesome
50. Unsure how/if you want to work with brands Hello I will help get you started.

Hope you enjoy and like all my tips and links (coloured)


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