40 Positivity tips that don't cost ANYTHING!

 1.  Give new people you've just meet a chance.
2.  Start a Gratitude diary - write in it every day.
3.  From this moment on wards make time for your own happiness.
4.  On a fresh piece of paper write a list of all your goals.
5.  Work towards your goals every day - even for just 15 minutes.
6 . Don't wait for other people to fill your life, do it yourself.
7 . At least once a week, tell someone that you love them.
8.  Take five deep breaths when you feel over whelmed.
9.  Now the weather is warmer, when you have a moment - go outside.
10. Do something silly in your local park, no one is watching - I promise!
11. Call your mum and your dad as well - just to chat
12. Take an online course-  many are free
13. Fill in a crossword every day - good for the brain cells
14. Walk outside in the fresh air for 30 minutes
15. Put on your best outfit - why wait for a special occasion?
16. Dance -  non stop in your living room until you feel happy again.
17. Always wanted to write a novel, start now and don't stop till you've written three pages.
18. Send a friend a positive tweet or email.
19. Spring clean your wardrobe.
20. Look out your window and watch the world go by.
21. Visit a museum - most of them are free.
22. Smile, it's both free and an instance face lift!
23.  Yoga - lots of great YouTube video's out there for you to master.
24. Mediate   - 5 minutes a day is all you need for inner calm.
25.  Everyday repeat your *mantra* five times as soon as you wake up.
26.  Get creative in the kitchen  and cook a new dish.
27.  Switch off all social media after a set time and stick to it.
28.  Grab all you old magazines and make a collage of dreams.
29. Have you been putting off doing things, make a start now.
30. Breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dine like a Pauper
31. Cut down on your caffeine intake - bye bye Starbucks!
32.  Write a list of all your achievements and give yourself a pat on the back.
33.  Go to a full length mirror, look at your reflection and say *I love you*
34.  We all make mistakes, forgive yourself and move on
35.  Go to bed earlier than usual - make sure you have eight hours quota.
36.  Fill a bath with water and fill to the brim with bubbles.
37. Learn a language - take advantage of free courses online.
38.  Volunteer your service to anywhere to those in need.
39.  Dig up old photo's and reminisce on memories.
40. Take some new pictures just because you can.

I would love to know more positivty tips, feel free to add below.


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