3 Must Buy Tinted Moistursers

Normally on a daily basis I usually  wear a foundation as a base because I like to feel *made up* if that makes sense when I am working. For me I tend to feel more professional when I am I am in full make-up (I use to work with cosmetics companies so old habits die hard!) However due to all this talk of Tinted Moisturizers, when I worked with a well known cosmetic company I started to look into this a little more especially as a lot of the foundations they sold were too dark for me.

One of my first recommendations is the Clarins Hydra Quench Tinted Moisturizer £27.00 It contains a SPF15 and is available in six shades. It is said to contain Hyaluronic acid and katafray bark extract to give your skin a soft smooth finish. This was one of the first tinted moisturizer that I bought. I think this was also due to a special promotion that was running (you know the buy two products get a free little make-up kit) so I think in order to get that. I bought this and a face cream. Now I feel more confident to go out without foundation, I still like to feel polished and this product helps me to achieve this look.

Now what can I say about Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer £34.00 that hasn't already been said? This baby has legs and then some. It's won countless accolades and awards from various beauty/fashion magazines. This one contains a SPF20 so slightly higher than the Clarins one above. Laura Mercier really does the no make-up look so well. If you want your skin to look like yours but better than this is your go to product. It really gives a beautiful sheer finish, perfect if you don't like the feeling of foundation. 

Lastly my third recommended product is the Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Tinted Moisturizer £27.00 This one again contains a SPF 15 not to mention  being infused with microlight vitamin, minerals and anti oxidants. What I like about this product is that it helps to give you skin an even finish without looking heavy. If you need some sort of coverage this will help you with that but it's so sheer, it's as if you're not actually wearing anything. If you skin is a little sensitive this is one I highly recommend.  The only downer is the shade selection is a little on the small side so very fair skins and also dark skins won't probably find what they are looking for.


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