Waterproof Mascara

Bare Minerals Locked Waterproof Lash Mascara £12.00 
Mac Haute & Naughty  Waterproof Lash Mascara £19.00 
Yves Saint Laurent Luxurious Mascara £25.00
It's that Waterproof Mascara season again!  Having said that I do wear waterproof mascara all year round. I have sensitive eyes and notice lots of mascara don't seem to like me and vice versa so the feeling is very mutual! I also tend to find that after I've applied a *normal* mascara lots of it tends to migrate under my eyes. This could be possibly my fault as I probably touch my eyes/face during the day without realizing resulting in the lovely attractive so called panda eyes. Rather annoyingly I have found that I need to spend a little more on a mascara so it doesn't cause irritation. Not saying the ones above won't to other people or they are indeed for sensitive eyes but my eyes seem to like them. They also give long lashes with a curl definition. If I'm wearing mascara and at the price they cost I don't even mind if I look a bit Jordan(ish) not that there's anything wrong with her! Or if it seems as if I have two giant spiders stuck on my face...I want long lashes!!

Ren Rosa Centifolia Make-Up Remover £14.00
Clinique Take The Day Off Make-Up Remover £17.00
Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover £19.00
Then of course when goes on, must come off! I have sometimes in the past been a little sloppy with removing my make-up and just swiped with a facial wipe (don't judge) but I've always been on the ball when it comes to removing my eye-make-up. The hassle I would face the morning after would be too great, so no matter how tired I am. I make a point to really gently remove my eye stuff. I say gently as too harsh rubbing isn't very good for the delicate skin around this  area. Eyes are the windows of your soul so they say and also one of the biggest signs of aging. My eyes are my best feature like lots of people so I try to make the most and look after what I have.


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