Wardrobe Basic Must haves from Zara

1. Resin Sunglasses £15.99
2. Sunglasses £12.99

Flat Laminated Leather Sandal  £19.99
Medium Hell Slingback Shoe £29.99

Tote With Cord Detail  £29.99
Studs and Chain Cross Bag  £29.99

Round Neck Coat £79.99
Double Lapel Blazer £49.99

 Oversized Denim Dress £22.99
Denim Dress £29.99

Just a quick post today to let you know about the latest drop from Zara. For some unexplained reason, Zara seems to have fallen from my fashion radar. No idea why as they sell great stuff at great prices too.  However whilst just generally browsing the big old WWW at the weekend, I came across their site and decided to have a real nose. I am so glad I did! Now I know what I'm going to spending my wages on in the foreseeable future!


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