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When the weather is warm there's nothing I like better than to walk around a park of two. I live in London and for quite a built up city there are quite a few amazing parks to choose from. No dogs or children necessary. Hyde Park is one of the oldest parks in the UK. Henry VIII acquired the park from Westminster Abbey in 1536 (so quite some time ago) It remained private until James I opened the park to the general public in 1637. The Serpentine Lake was created in  the 1730's on the orders of Queen Caroline.

If you want to know why their is a Speakers  Corner, then it dates back to 1866 when fights broke out between police and Edmund's Beagle Reform League. The Prime Minister at the time eventually allowed people to speak their mind unchallenged. Which is what people have been allowed to do since 1872. So people if you have something to get off your chest. This is the place to do it!

The park itself is so vast, you really do need a day or two to explore and really take in the atmosphere. It really is a good idea to plan your visit before you go and you can do this by looking through their website  Hyde Park If you have at least some knowledge of which of the four tube stations you should exit and where the toilets are, it saves for a lot of hassle later.

You cannot visit Hyde Park and not try out the boating lake. The boating lake is now open and will operate until October. It opens from 10.00 am until when it gets dark on depending on the weather. Sadly this is not free and costs roughly for adults £10 for 30 minutes or £12 for one hour. Children under 15 £5 for one hour or £4 for 30 minutes. You may as well stay the extra 30 minutes for only £1.00 extra. Although your arms and legs might hurt if you're pedalling and not lounging in the back.

The Serpentine Lido
If you are brave enough and the weather is warm there is always a chance of a little swim. At the moment it is only only on weekends but come June it will be open 7 days a week until the end of September. 10.00am until 6.00pm. Of course this is Britain so the weather will affect the opening hours as well. Adult pays around £4.80 and for children £1.80. The figure is slightly lower if you swim after 4pm. There is also a *family* ticket for two adults and two children if your family fit into that mould for  £12.00, £9.00 after 4pm.

Deck Chairs ( A chance for a snooze, people watch or instagramming opportunity!
Deck Chair Hire Pricing Here

Eat And Drink
Of course walking around the park, swimming in the lido, boating on the lake and playing in the playground ( yes we know) can build up an appetite. Luckily these guys at the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen have a really good selection of food to choose from. Breakfast Menu Here and the Mains menu Here They also have a wine menu Here Just perfect for lazy summer days and evenings. I would being a partner in the evening as the view can look very romantic.  There is also the Lido cafe situated obviously by the Lido and this also has toilets, baby changing, outdoor seating not to mention food and drink.

The Rose Garden
Well worth a visit is the Rose Garden, roses are my favourite flowers actually. The garden itself is near the Hyde Park Corner end. A little background information. It was opened in 1994, so it's not that old at all.  Practically a baby when you think how old the park is in general. The garden also homes two statues. The Boy and Dolphin Fountain and Diana The Huntress.

Animals in War Memorial (Below)
How amazing is this memorial? This memorial recognizes and give thanks to all the animals that worked and died during the war. Whilst writing this piece, I found out that Glow Warms were used by soldiers during World War One to help them to read their  maps. I  did not know this! This memorial was opened in 2004 to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the start of World War One. The money was raised by the general public of Britain at a cost of £2 million. There is also a fund if people are interested in knowing more Animals In War

The park also hosts various events throughout the year Barclays Presents British Summer Time is a great summer festival. Think cool music,comedy and films. Not to mention a whole of food stalls selling a variety of interesting cuisines. The festival takes place in the first two weeks of July.
  • Massive Attack - Friday, July 1
  • Florence and the Machine - Saturday, July 2
  • Carol King - Sunday, July 3
  • Mumford and Sons - Friday, July 8
  • Take That - Saturday, July 9
  • Stevie Wonder - Sunday, July 10
If you want to now more information of this, then check out this link Here This site is the official Barclay website and will tell you everything you need to know including buying tickets.

Information Center -  Hyde Park Corner and The Royal Parks Office
Car Parking - There are 6 car parks within the park
Disabled Car Parking -  There are 4 car parks within the park
Cycle Hire -  You can collect and hire bicycles at seven points within the grounds
Deck Chair Hire - Three area's to collect those
Playground -  One for small kids and one for big kids too!
Boathouse - You will find this next to The Serpentine Lake
Tennis/Sports Centre -  You will find this on the South Carriage Drive
Speakers Corner-  Closest to the Marble Arch Entrance
The Rose Garden - Closest to the Hyde Park Corner Entrance
Refreshments -There are 8 dotted around the park (Hyde Park section)
Monuments and Statues -There are 19 in total around the park
Opening hours - 5.00am until midnight all year round.
You can download a printable map of the park Here 

Hyde park  is one of eight parks managed and preserved by Royal Parks. For those looking to volunteer or donate Support The Royal Parks- The pictures above were taken and belong to Hyde Park. I admire and gaze at their beauty.


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