Dating Dilemna #2

Following on from last month, I decided to join a well known Internet dating site. No not Tinder I'm not mad! No a respectable one where I pay a monthly fee. How's it going? Well let's see, firstly there seems to be a higher ratio of women to men on there. Secondly, the quality of men on there are not as high as the women either. Is it me or does it seem like all the good men are married or gay? I know such a well written cliche but sometimes it seems to ring so true. 

In a nutshell, I could finish this blog piece by saying that it's not going well and be done with it. That wouldn't be fair though, I mean it's only been roughly a month so I can't find the man of my dreams in 30 days, I'm not in a Hollywood movie!  Since I signed up for 6 months, I have no option but to soldier on, perhaps next month...I will have  something different to say (fingers crossed)

What do you feel about the quote above ? I love the quote. I want someone to take me for how I am. How I look at 6.00am in the morning when I have no make-up on and when I'm sleeping in an old tee shirt not just when I've a face full of make-up or when I'm wearing a tight top. Another thing I have found since joining the dating site is that some men (and I'm sure some women too) seem to her very high expectations of what their ideal partner should look like. They turn down anyone else who doesn't fit into the mould of *Perfect Person* that's why I haven't  entered in a height or eye colour or size or ethnicity I want to open myself to new opportunities (people)


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