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Hello Guys, I thought it would be nice to include a monthly post on blog/bloggers who inspire me as I read so many. I truly am inspired by all the creativity on the Internet nowadays. It seems as if everyone has a writer/photographer/crafter/storyteller inside of them just waiting to burst free. Recently I came a blog and immediately thought to myself I want to follow that person. Passion Shake is one such person

PassionShake is written by a lady named Agata Dimmich. She was born in Poland but later moved to the UK to study at University. She spent 6 years working in an office role but then decided to leave that role and follow her dream.  She moved to Italy and found work as a Freelance Stylist, she has since also written for various publications and websites. You can see/read more about her freelance work on her Styling Portfolio. Or view her Instagram account Here

Lately I feel as If I have been steering away from reading beauty blogs and reading more home/DIY blogs even though I don't actually do any DIY!  I guess it's all wishful thinking, my dream home. What environment I would love to create. Pinterest inspiration. Do be sure to check out Passion Shake, well worth a read and a follow. 


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