5 Instagrammers/Bloggers I'm loving

AndyHeart is a fairly new discovery. I first came across the blog via Pinterest doing something else. You know that's always the way with Pinterest. Written by a lady called Andy Kim.  Andy was born and lives in Los Angeles and is an Art Director/Curator. I love her style as everything is pared down. Think basics and lots of black and white. You can follow her instagram Here
 Take Aim is another blog I discovered this year. There really are so many great blogs that seem to slip under the radar isn't there? Take Aim, is written by a lady called Michelle who again happens to live in LA! I seem to follow lots of people who live in LA, must be all the gorgeous backdrop  which makes me swoon over their photo's. You can follow Michelle Here
Okay on this one, I could just be following her for her hair!! This blog is written by a lovely lady called Paola who bases herself in Los Angeles. She is a full time blogger/stylist and works with lots of big brands such as Dior. She mainly writes about fashion and beauty with the odd recipe thrown in for good measure. Her blog is called Blank Itinerary.
 Even though this lady is essential a mummy blogger and I don't have children, I love following her blog. She always look super stylish. Check the pictures above and she has the cutest kids as well. Oh and her husband isn't too bad either.  Cara has two children in total  and is only about 26! Her blog is about her style and her life in Salt Lake City. Check out her Instagram account Here
As soon as I read the title of her blog, I just knew I had to follow. *Drum roll please* Carrie Bradshaw Lied* yes that is the name of her blog and how rude of Carrie Bradshaw to do that! Tsk!  The blog is written by a lady called Kathleen who was born in Nashville but is currently living in California whilst her husband completes his medical studies. Again it features her daily life and style.
I know I always say this on here but there are so many great blogs out there. Blogs I am only just discovering but have been out on that big old web for years!  There are so many blogs on Bloglovin, sometimes it's easy to over look things, so  I completely recommend Pinterest as a great source.


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