5 *Boring Fruits* and why we should eat more of them

The only reason I say boring is not because I think they are boring but I feel sometimes they get overlooked by  more exotic fruits.

Apple. Apparently there are over 2000 varieties of apples in the world today. Can you image? I've probably eaten about three different ones (I'm quite a fussy eater) It would take over six years to eat all the varieties in the world. New project perhaps?? Joking aside, an apple a day really can help to keep the doctor away.  Not only are they cheap to buy, easy to prepare (you just wash under a tap) they are easy to snack on through the day to keep your energy levels up. Especially good if you work in an office and you get that 3pm craving for something sweet. Apples are full of fibre, which is good for your digestive system. They contain something called Pectin which can help to remove toxins from the body. That's why when people are on a detox they tend to consume lots of apples. Great for boosting you're Vitamin C. Due to pesticides, apples are best eaten when they are organic.

Bananas I love bananas both as a snack and to add to my muesli in the morning. Or sometimes I have toast, which I then spread with peanut butter and then I carefully arrange chopped slices of banana on top. This is heaven by the way and if you haven't tried it you must. Bananas are full of Potassium which means that they can help to keep you heart healthy by controlling blood pressure. They are also good for your bones. As well as Potassium they are full of Vit B6 which helps regulate the nervous system . Dried bananas that come in packets are good for you as well although this isn't something I particular eat on a regularly basis. I tend to eat bananas as a snack. Not sure if it's just me but I'm a bit funny about eating bananas in front of people. If I eat a banana in front of someone else, I find I have to break it in half rather than the way I eat it at home in one piece. Is anyone else a bit funny about eating bananas in front of other people?

Dates I think in the UK, dates get a bit of a bad rap alongside prunes. Or are something people only tend to eat at Christmas. They are really good if you have a sweet tooth due to their sugar content. They also contain lots of fibre, hence all the toilet jokes. Yes, dates are good for you if you're having trouble emptying your bowels. Dates also contain high levels of Vitamin B3 and B6 which are both good for the skin, nervous and digestive systems. They also contain good amounts of Iron, so if you don't eat meat or much of it then adding these to your diet will help. I will admit I am not a huge date eater although I do eat lots of snack bars they are made with dates so I probably eat more than I think I do.  Dates made a great sweet substitute in a cooking dish. You can also add them to your smoothie as well not to mention chopping them up into cereal.

Oranges. When I was younger, to get us to eat more oranges my mum use to cut them into slices and sprinkle sugar all over them which kind of defeats the point but her heart was in the right place! Lots of people tend to get their orange fix by ways of a juice in the morning at breakfast time. Beware though as some well known brands have been known to add extra sugar to their juice as well as the natural sugar that already occurs. Oranges are well known for containing lots of Vit C. This helps the body to protect itself against self harming free radicals.  All of which can cause serious illness such as cancer and heart diseases not to mention strokes.  I like to eat my oranges although not laden with sugar like before. Oranges are a great additions to salads as well.

Pears. Pears are one of my my favourite fruits actually.  I love the sweetness of them and the fact they are easy to carry around with you in your bag. The only snag I find with pears is that they can sometimes go off quickly. So you have to keep your eyes on them. Pears contain lots of fibre which keeps you regularly  So good for the colon. Pears actually contain lots of vitamins such as A,C,E and K not to mention Potassium, Copper and Iodine. So for such a humble little thing, it sure packs a punch. I like to eat pears with some cottage cheese or goats cheese. I know this may seem a little odd but I really like the combination. Sometimes I may add some oatcakes and eat this for lunch. Try it, if you haven't it's delish.

Now that the weather is warmer, (although it did rain all day in London today!) it is a bit easier to add more fruit to your daily diet. I always find in the lighter spring/summer months I just naturally want to eat more fruit. I try to eat at least a couple of pieces a day. Sometimes I  cut a selection different  fruits up, place them in a bowl and snack on them in front of the telly.

How do you guys get more fruit in your daily diet?


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