3 ingredient Frozen Yoghurt


6 Bananas
2 Mango's
280g Vanilla Yogurt

How to make
First prepare your fruit by removing the skin and slicing.
Place these items in a container which is suitable for the freezer
Leave for around four/five hours
Once frozen, remove your fruit and place into a food processor
Add the yogurts
Process until smooth and then serve
Serves 6-8
(Or less, if you're hungry!)

I love cooking, well by that I mean I like making cakes and frozen desserts. I don't have a large kitchen and certainly not one that's Instragamable! I live in a rented flat where any touching or anything is forbidden. So I tend to make meals that are quick and easy and focus on less ingredients. 5 or less tends to work for me. This recipe contains 3...Win! Win! Taken from the lovely Donna Hay blog. If you haven't checked her out you have to now or better still after you have finished reading this post. Healthy, refreshing and easy to make. 


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