10 Bikini Fitness Workouts

Who hasn't used any of the excuses above?? I know some people love to exercise and for them it's as easy as breathing but for most people and I am one of them, the gym does not come easy to me. I don't wake up raring to kick my butt doing lunges but I do like to look healthy and sometimes you gotta just grit your teeth and do it! Below are some fun, inspiring workouts, I found.

1. If you want to train like a SuperHero, then this all over routine will get everything in ship shape pronto Train Like A Superhero

2. There are certain things about my body that requires a fair amount of lifting. Yes, it's my derriere. I shall be following this  Butt Lift Bikini Workout rigidly!

3. Sit ups are not the answer to a perfect flat stomach. This is  The Plank it's also safer to carry out as it doesn't place the same strain on your lower back or neck as traditional sit ups do.

4. Sleeveless tops and vests seem to feature more in my wardrobe in the hotter months so this little guide to toning your arms is a real goodie Batwings Be Gone

5. If the idea of doing lots of planks bores you but your stomach is your main concern then this Summer Abs Workout will give you variety but still target on your main focuses

6. If you want a body to rival a Victoria Secrets Model (who wouldn't) then you should check this workout out Victoria Secrets Model Workout Full body toning workout

7. Plan you workout in advance with this  Ten Week Workout Think old school *Jumping Jacks, Russian Twists and Squats.

8. 30day challenges are a great way, to involve yourself in something new. This 30 Day Killer Workout will give you the challenge you crave and give you results quickly.

9. Another 30 day challenge but this one focuses on three exercises. Squats, Crunches and Sit-ups. This one is a great one to do if you don't belomg to a gym as you can do these exercises practically anywhere that has room to swing a cat  30 Day Squat, Crunch and Sit-up Challenge

10. Craving variety, then this routine lets you concentrate on a different part of your body for everyday of the week (well 5 days to be precise)  Daily Challenge


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