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The quote is so on point! Yes? Who doesn't like a sneaky lie in on a Sunday? I as hell don't mind one little bit! I don't tend to watch box sets though...I prefer chopping and changing my way through an assortment or programs and catching up House of Cards, Scandal, Orange Is The New Black....Hello? Those of you outside of the UK, might not be aware that we have five main channels (The UK is one time zone) BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, CHANNEL 4 AND CHANNEL 5. We also have a few smaller channels which mainly I feel show repeats from the main channels! I've subscribed to Netflix but there are a few other options if you're looking for something else to binge on. 

With Blinkbox it's a pay as go you deal.  So not the most purse friendly option if you like watching a lot of television. Films tend to cost from £3.49 per latest release and TV episodes from £1.89 although it works out better to watch the full series at £5.99 If your a fan of Parks and Recreations and Homeland then this is a good deal. Although Gotham is shown for free on Channel 5 (UK people) I would only subscribe to Blinkbox if  you only think you would watch something once a month or so otherwise the others are better options (in my opinion)

Now TV has three choices to chose from. The Sky Movies, Entertainment and Sports pass. All of these are slightly different prices. Again they offer a free trial.  Although unlike Netflix this one is only for 14 days. You have two options with Now. You can either purchase a Box, which you plug in and connect with your broadband and then purchase your chosen pass. The other options are a monthly fee. I personally feel that Now TV is one of the best deals for those who like to watch a lot of films. The Movies pass is £9.99 a month. That is all. I tend to watch more movies in the colder winter months than in the Spring, Summer months when I tend to stay out for longer. They also show some Sky shows so brilliant if you don't want to fork out for a Sky subscription Also NOW TV shows Games on Throne and Girls. The only downer to this if you have to pay separate for TV and film. 

This is probably one of the most popular streamlining service.  You don't have to pay a separate fee for watching films on here. Everything is in one price depending on what monthly option you choose There are only three options and a price difference of about £3.00 from the Budget to the Premium so it's a fuss free and easy to use system.  Netflix offers you the chance to sign up for a free one month pass and then it's up to you whether you chose to cancel or continue. I tend to watch this on a Sunday morning when I'm half asleep but not so much I want to sleep but too asleep to do anything useful if that makes sense! This year I am watching/going to be watching Better Call Saul, Cooked, Flaked, Once Upon A Time, Pretty Little Liars, Shadow Hunters and House of Cards....as you can see I shall be spending a lot of my forthcoming Sundays laying in Bed!

Amazon has practically taken over the Internet already and this is another string to their bow. Again it works on a joint TV and film subscription. If you sign up to Amazon prime for £79.00 a year then this allows you to access their film and video selections, music choices, kindle books and allows you to use the unlimited one day delivery service. Really amazing value for money.  You can also pay monthly but this does not allow you for certain offers. I am seriously thinking of signing up to Amazon as I have been really impressed with what's on offer. Although I tend to go to the cinema once a week already, I could quite happily watch films all day long if annoying things like work didn't get in the way!! Has anyone watched the TV series Glue?? 

Has anyone else used  any of these services??


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