The 5 Best Department Stores In London

A trip to London is not a trip to London if you haven't at some point stopped of in little old Selfridges!! What doesn't this store sell? Can we also stop to worship the food hall as well!?! First things first, if you want to have a shopping spree here then you're going to make sure your purse is full to the brim as cheap is not a word that joins Selfridges in a sentence. The store opens 7 days a week from roughly 9.30am-9pm. Shorter hours on a Sunday. It also offers a range of services from beauty to key cutting to click and collect. If you need some inspiration in your life then this store has it in bundles. Everything here is immaculate. You could easily spend all day here and have breakfast, lunch and dinner from a wide choice of dining options. They also have an excellent website as well. If you are coming to London I think it's wise to look through the website and gouge where you'll be heading first otherwise you may find you go away and then realize how much you missed. Selfridges

Now I love Liberty, I know it feels like it's off the beaten track a little as it's just behind Oxford Street but I love the lay back vibe of the store. I love Selfridges but sometimes especially on a Saturday it gets very hectic. Liberty however feels like an oasis of calm. The decor inside is slightly dated (but in a good way) think dark wood and small rooms leading on to other smaller rooms. Although they do have a good selection of high end products they are just smaller or selective depending on which way you choose to look at things. I love their beauty store on the ground floor. Open again 7 days a week but slightly shorter hours of Mon to Sat 10 to 8pm Sun 12-6pm. Sunday opening hours in the UK are limited to six trading hours in case anyone outside the UK was wondering. Liberty

Bless John Lewis and their tear jerker Christmas ads! To me John Lewis is a no nonsense store. Not as glamorous as the two stores above but a bit more down to earth (read cheaper!) This store is vast and is spread over seven floors. Don't worry they have escalators...;) Again you name it, they sell it..particular good for electrical and furnishings. If you are heading to John Lewis for the furnishing, they do have lots of experts on hand to help you. John Lewis tends to have more choice for those on a budget which is pretty much most of us at some point in our lives.  I really like their toy selection for kids. I have bought my niece and nephew many a toy from this store and a Lego set or two for myself (yes I am a Lego geek and I am whispering that proudly to myself)  John Lewis

I couldn't possibly not include this store in my little list. What's a trip to London without a quick stop  to this wonderful store. I mean Harrods is what luxury is all about, it really is. I love the location of the store. Knightsbridge, any millionaires who happen to be reading my blog I am totally okay with you buying me a flat here, thank you. The store is so beautiful not to mention all the beautiful clothes they sell. If money was no option, I would definitely pay this store more visits than I currently do. They also have fantastic restaurants in the store as well. Although on the pricier side, it's a well worth treat. Harrods also do amazing sales, so it's worth joining their mailing list and familiarizing yourself with the store as come sale time, you'll be whizzing around the store picking up bargains galore. Harrods

Fortnum & Mason was established in 1707, so a little old! It was actually named after the founders Hugh Mason and William Fortnum. Having started in a small room it's fair to say these boys did good. Over the years it grew larger and larger until it became what we know and love.  Interesting true fact, they were the first store in the UK to sell Heinz Baked Beans in 1886....I didn't realize baked beans were that old.  Actually I am incredible loyal to Heinz, to me no beans comes even close to these. If Sainsbury wants to start hosting baked beans events, I am totally down with that! 

Fortnum hampers are very popular, all coming in their beautiful wicket baskets (which will last you for many a picnic to come) Their restaurants and Afternoon Tea is definitely one you have to schedule in your diary. The store has sold tea for over 300 years so it's kind of a given that tea is going to be one of their most popular items. Again this is a luxury store, so clothes are on the steep side of things but I go to Fortnum to gaze and admire the food and the wine, wine is always good. If you fancy your wine skills then hop foot it here as there's bound to be something you haven't tasted. Their website doesn't offer you a huge array of items although it is good for their food. Fortnum & Mason

What department stores do you like to visit in London?


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