Stuff From The Internet #2

I love this quote above, don't you? It's so true but also easy to forget. This one is going to be my new motto from now on. No blaming others or the weather!! Everything is down to me on this one.

Loving this tanning post from London Beauty Queen Everything you need to know about tanning and the best tanning products to try/buy. As a fellow pasty Brit I need all the help I can get before I reveal my pins to the world!

Something I have never heard of before is this Skin Treatment Candle The Black Pearl Blog was reviewing a couple of them. The name of the game is to light the candle for 30 minutes of so whilst you relax, blow out the candle, let the oil cool and then apply to your arms and hands or whatever part of your body you choose! Sounds really amazing and I cannot wait to try myself.

 I have been getting lots of Scandi fix this week courtesy of Scandi Love Song Her blog is full of beautiful images in lots of you guessed it WHITE! It is written by a lady named Johanne, she lives in a three bedroom apartment with her husband in Denmark in a town called Aalborg. Mainly a decor blog she writes about her style and love for Scandi design. Go and check her blog out  Here
This year, my chosen word is *Kindness* and I intend to spread a little Kindness whereever I go.

Read a really interesting article in Stylist magazine on a new trend for solid black tattoo's. I love tattoo's even though I do not have any myself at the moment. I am working up to it but I'm a baby when it comes to pain. Is this something you guys would ever do?? Some people are choosing to cover their tattoo's with solid black ink as it is cheaper then having laser treatment to remove them. Read the article here  Here

If you are a creative person and have an amazing dream/idea just waiting to burst from you but money ain't happening for you, then enter this competition  Win 20GRAND to make your dreams come true  You just submit a brief outline, the finalists are whittled down to ten and then you present your pitch to a panel of judges who choose one winner, which could be you! Click link above.

I am completely loving James Corden Carpool and have mentioned him both on my Twitter and on my blog before. You probably will have seen by now that this week was Jennifer Lopez turn. James had fun texting Leonardo DiCaprio pretending to be her and of course there was an amazing  sing song of all her greatest hits.  Watch the clip Here if you haven't already. I promise you will not be disappointed. My favourite one so far probably has to be the Adele sing-a-long.  I love Adele

I can't t remember what I was doing during school holidays when I was 16 but I sure as hell wasn't modelling bikini's in the Caribbean. Is it just me or are people growing up a lot quicker these days?? Her name is Inka Williams, she lives in Bali and goes to school full time. Oh and she has over half a million instagram followers see Here

Great Quote, I am going to print this one out, and stick it to my laptop so I'm able to view it everyday. How many of us are guilty of looking to the past and running to the future without really living in the present. The only time I can truly say I lived in the present was as a child. I see this in my little niece and nephew, they truly live in the present as well but I feel we lose this as we grow older. Of course a lot of this is down to responsibilities we acquire when we grow up such as full time jobs and have to pay the rent/car/university loans etc etc.

Does anyone love Ikea?? Silly question...we all love Ikea! Has anyone come across this website before Ikea Hackers  People make things for around their house and garden using a piece of material/piece of furnishing from Ikea which they then submit to this website. Some of the idea's are completely amazing, some are plain daft but there you go....most are amazing!

If you fancy undertaking some sort of DIY project this weekend, then make sure you read this from PoppyTalks Easy to follow idea's but with great results.
Yes, I will leave you with this picture of ice-cream doughnuts...just because!


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