Stuff from the Internet #3

I don't know if you guys are aware but Bridget Jones Baby is not being released until September which feels like ages away.....five months! What? I had to laugh at this post on The Blonde Salad blog  Moments we all felt like Bridget Jones Haven't we all!!

I am a huge avid reader of the blog *A Pair & A Spare* I love all the beauty, fashion, travel and D.I.Y fashion tips. I've even had a go at making things even though mine never turns out the same but that's me not her instructions. Drop earrings seem to be all the go this season and I love these ones.Quick DIY Circle Drop Earrings for instructions on how to make.

How is everyone feeling now that Spring is finally making an appearance. For people who live in the UK, well mainly London. Isn't the weather weird!?! It's that in between stage of short bursts of sunshine followed by an overcast. You put your coat on then your hot, you take your coat off then you're too cold. Yes us English never tire of talking about the weather!

One of my dreams is to live in a house with a walk in wardrobe or another bedroom just kitted out with my clobber...selfish yes! so I loved, loved, loved this post from Cath in The City and her walk in wardrobe Dream Wardrobe the decor is white wood, very Scandi and very chic and that's before you even get started on the clothes and handbags themselves. Yes, below is not a shop below is her wardrobe.
If you're a coffee person but want to try something a little different like tea no I'm kidding this Coconut Coffee Creamer recipe from A Beautiful Mess is something to try.  Talking of recipes I came across another great one containing coconuts via The Minimalist Baker Yellow Coconut Curry Mango I love mango in a curry. Before I tried one, I did think what? Is it going to taste too sweet but no all I can say is how incredible it tastes.

Loving this new in *Dolly Dress* from Boden. I love their stuff. Slightly more expensive than a lot of high street stores but their quality means their stuff lasts for ages or until you get fed up and buy more stuff! It's also available from size 6 to size 22. Click Boden for more information.

I'm all about the bathrooms this week and I loved reading this post on Vintage Revivals. 17 bathrooms to win your heart Here I would really love to have a huge bathroom .One that's big enough for a small fridge (to keep chocolate and champagne in of course) duo sinks and a dressing table. Not asking for much though. That's all and I'm a happy bunny.

I don't have Snap chat and if you are like me one of the few people wondering the earth without it, not having the foggiest what it all means then this Beginners Guide to Snap chat from The Bookish Baker is something you have to read to get to grips with it all. I'm not sure whether it's something I will be signing up to myself although it's nice to know how it all works should I change my mind.

I love TheWeeknd and although I didn't watch 50 Shades Of Grey, I did give the soundtrack a listen. *Earned It* was probably my favourite. I love the slow chilled out vibe to the song

Have a lovely weekend all. 


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