Nuts About Nuts

I will admit to being a bit of a nut freak, I love all types of nuts (no pun intended!) salted peanuts do nothing for me and I would never eat these even if they do sit *free on bars. Firstly who knows whose dirty mitts have been dipping into them, lets not think about that actually and secondly salted nuts also encourage you to drink more. No I'm talking about the nuts whose main aim is protect your health, help protect you against cancer, fill you up with healthy doses of Iron and a million different types of Vitamins and Minerals.

I tend to eat nuts as an afternoon snack. Just a handful mind. It's easy to overeat nuts but I have trained myself to eat a portion size, this is a long and on going project by the way. I use to have a very keen sweet tooth and come afternoon in work I would be reaching for the biscuit tin. We all know that one biscuit is never enough. If you do eat just one biscuit from the tin, then I admire your dedication and restraint. I noticed that I was putting on weight and yes those rather yummy but naughty biscuits were to blame so I decided to little by little start eating healthier snacks that would fill me up and were low in calories. Below are my favourite nuts to snack on at work

Good source of Fibre which keeps things your digestive system on track.
High in Selenium and Magnesium which helps pump energy into the body.
Also a good food source of Copper and Vitamin E.
Helps to protect against certain type of cancer.
Full of Copper, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Vitamin E.

Good source of Iron which helps to keep your skin, nails and teeth healthy
Has plenty of Phosphorus in which helps to keep your bones strong essential for women
If you suffer from high blood pressure then chomp on a handful to help reduce.
As with all the nuts it helps to keep your heart in good shape
Full of Copper, Iron, Magnesium and Phosphorus

This nut is sweet, so good if you have a sweet tooth
Ideal nut for adding to baking, cereals and porridge's because of the sweet taste
Helps to lower your blood cholesterol and keep you arteries clear (ideal for a healthy heart)
This nut is a rich source of energy so keep some for afternoon snacking
Full of Zinc, Copper, Magnesium and Phosphorus 

High in Omega 3 fatty acids which helps to keep your healthy and disease free
Soft to eat and has a sweet taste so really good for adding to cake mixtures!
Important one for women especially but it helps protect against Breast Cancer
If your going through a stressful time then this nut is the nuts!
Full of Copper, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Vit B6

High in Calcium, which helps to keep your bones and teeth healthy
A good source of fibre essential for keeping your bowels in good condition
Helps people to control their appetite so good for weight control
If you finding yourself forgetting things this nut helps your memory
Full of Calcium, Copper, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Vit E

Cholesterol free which is good news for the heart and arteries
Good source of Copper and B Vitamins which help to keep the immune system healthy
Ideal nut for snacking on if you want to lose weight
Again another nut which helps to protect you against cancer
Full of Fibre, Copper, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Copper

One of the richest sources of Vitamin E
Contains powerful antioxidants which help fight free radicals
Good for supporting our red cells to prevent anaemia
Eat reguarly to help protect against canccer, heart disease and premature ageing
They contain good levels of fibre, great for bowel movements

Another good thing about snacking on nuts as opposed to snacking on fruit is they keep fresher for longer in your bag and you don't have to worry about squashing your snack. I hate to think of all the times I brusied a banana, apple. plum etc in my bag as I forgot it was in there and had to throw it away not to mention the amount of times I've had to scrape the reminder from the contents of my make-up bag! I know some people worry they will put on weight from eating nuts but I think the health benefits far outweigh this concern!


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