New Make- Up To Try This Spring

Everyone looks better with a bit of colour and this Topshop Bronzer is a worth investment for under a tenner. The shade is called Deep Bronze, it adds a glow to where ever you apply!

I don't know about you but I  prefer to wear light colour on my nails, mainly as I don't like the shape of my fingers (but that's another long story) this beautiful shade is called Nails Inc Sweet Almond.

Lighted make-up means my brows need to be doing their job probably and this fab kit from Mac Brow Duo Brunette will help them on their way. No matter what season, brows on always on point!

I shall be embracing the brights this season and this daring shade from Mac (who else?) in  Flock and Roll will be finding it's way into my make-up bag....once I am suitably tanned in a healthy way.

Another Mac product here the Mac Lipstick Amplifier in Blankety. I love the high pigmentation of their Amplifier range and this one is such a pretty colour and shade. Perfect for the lighter weather and ideal wedding make-up colour as well.

This limited production from Bare Minerals The Stolen Heart Luminiser is a really great all round product to use this spring. It's a powder blusher, if you're like me and have pale skin and a round face you understand my fixation with blushers. Although I don't normally like powder this one is so light on the skin to help create a flushed this is just my natural skin look.

How to kill two birds with one stone by yet again Mac by buying their Velvet Skin Matt Tint With SPF30. We know sunscreen is important all year round but more so in the summer months. Yes, even the short summer months we have here in the UK!  This product helps to give you a little glow if you want to forgone foundation but feel naked without something on your skin.

I love Bobby Brown, she's the pioneer of that no make-up enhance your features look which I feel suits most people. I use to work in Space NK and you will be surprised at the amount of women who prefer to wear certain types of make- up that was *in* rather than what suited them. This is another fab Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer product. 

It always best to spend more on your foundation, for a product that is lightweight, suits your skin tone. hides what you need to and enhances all at the same time. Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint foundation does all these things and more. Completely worth the extra money.

What things will you be buying for Spring?


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