7 Quirky Cafes To Visit In London

 If cats are your thing then you need to get down to Lady Dinahs pronto! Their shop contains nine cats all for your stroking. They do point out that they bring up the cats in a stress free environment and suggest you read about there rules of conduct before you visit. All the cats have their own personal Twitter account which I presume is updated by their erm personal assistants!! You cannot wonder in off the street though, you do need to book. What food do they offer??? Due to the license they own, they cannot offer hot food so expect rather delightful cream teas, cakes and bagels. You can Book Here and read more about their menu here Lady Dinahs Menu

Opening Hours

11.00-8.30 Mon, Tue,Thur, Fri

11.00-8.30 Sat and Sun

How about a cafe that combines eating alongside cutting hair. Yes, they do exist Hurwundeki serves Korean food for lunch and dinner with pastries for sale in the morning made by nearby Yeast Bakery.  The cafe was created by a Korean stylist called Ki Lee. So now you can now kill two birds with one stone. Although at the moment they are only offering cuts . No one wants they smell of bleach wavering over their food. Located in East London you can book both on line and via telephone. This is a sample of their menu Yummy Food Alert and their hair menu  Here
Opening Hours
9.00-6pm Mon-Sat
Sunday -Closed

 ATTENDANTIf you don't mind eating your food from an ex Victorian toilet then The Attendant may just be the cafe for you! I'm not joking when I say it used to be a Victorian toilet but it was lovely restored a few years ago into this wonderful cafe.  They are located in central London about five minutes away from Oxford Circus tube. Tucked away Great Titchfield street. They sell a range of breakfasts such as porridge's, breakfast muffins and soups, rolls and various salads for lunch. Their range of menu Here
Opening Hours
8.00-6pm Mon-Fr
9.00-6pm Sat
10.00-5.30 Sun
I just had to include this cafe in this list. I mean c'mon look how pretty it is and who doesn't like biscuits??  They have two cafe/stores. One in Notting Hill and the other in Northcote Road. Both offer cream tea's which are required to be booked prior. They also offer an exhausting choice (but in a good way!) of icing classes. If you are looking to add another string to your bow then you may find the class that you're after here. If you are interested in learning more about their icing classes then Look Here! for more information. They simply are the most amazing biscuits and I would not share my lot with anyone. Afternoon Tea Menu
Opening Hours
10.00-6pm Mon-Sat
10.00-5pm Sun
They hold evening craft sessions, so check their website for info
If you are after a little glamour in your life then you can't go far wrong at this gorgeous cafe called Betty Blythe Located in West London if the Great Gatsby  is your favourite film these guys offer a dressing up box so you can go the whole hog and fulfill your fantasies. They are a great venue for hosting parties particular hen parties (I should point out they do not offer strippers here!) They sell a variety of tea's on offer starting from £22pp. They do also offer light refreshments snacks and of course cakes. For light refreshment you do not have to book but if you are after one of their Cream Tea's then you are required to book.

Opening Hours
8.00 - 6pm Mon- Fr
Bookings only Sat-Sun

Brunch and Afternoon  Sittings

9.00, 10.30, 12.00 Mon to Fri
9.30, 11.00 Weekends

Afternoon Tea
12,2,4 Mon to Fri
11.00,1.30.4pm Sat, Sun

Hackney Pirates
How about bringing out your inner child in this cafe entitled the Hackney Pirates . Based as the name suggests in Hackney, East London. Created by Catriona Maclay, a teacher in 2010 and supported by a local charity they opened up a Pirate themed cafe which offers strong support for the local community. It's an educational stroke cafe shop and also has a shop which sells all things pirate related. Current Menu

Opening Hours
8.30am-6.30pm Mon - Fri
11.00am-6.00pm Sat
12.00pm-6.00pm Sun


Another east end gaffe (they also have a shop in Camden)  this cafe as the name suggests sells cereals although they don't kill you afterwards! Two Northern Irish brothers are the brains and beef behind this gem of an idea. I love my cereal and I have been known to eat cereal for lunch and as a dinner sometimes! Whatever cereal you guys can think of no doubt these guys will sell it. They sell according to their website over 120 types of cereals from all over the world. They also sell 30 different types of milk and 20 different types of toppings. The menu is  Here

Opening Hours

8.00am -8.00pm Mon- Sun

My little list, is just that! A little list. There are hundreds places to choose from in London to eat. What places do you guys like to eat?


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