4 Moisturising Face Masks To Try

First up is Burt's Bee Intense Hydration Mask. I love Burt by the way and I have mentioned them here on the blog before. I love the smell of all their products.  This mask is so nourishing and will help even the driest of skins. Great for hydrating those fine lines. This mask is perfect for soothing skin that feels tight after a long walk in the sun. I have this mask myself so I can tell you it is gorgeous. I have even been known to whack this on and sleep in it as a night cream. (Make sure you sleep on your back or at least protect your pillow if you do this! If you like to use natural ingredients then this mask is 99% natural. This cost me £20.00 in John Lewis.

Next we have the Origins Drink Up Moisture Face Mask. I have read so many reviews on this product and it always comes highly recommended by everyone who uses this including me. This product contains Apricot Kernel Oil which really helps to nourish your skin and give it much needed  moisture. As the name suggests you only leave this mask on for ten minutes before you whip it off but again like the above mask you could leave it on if your home alone and not expecting any visitors.  I was given this as a birthday present so I don't know how much that particular person spent but a quick nose on their website gave me the figure of £23.00

I have yet to try this product  Decleor Intense Nutrition Duo Mask, but they are something that have gone on to my wish list. Decleor in general sell amazing skin care products. With this product Step one helps to add a soothing sensation to tight dry skin which is then followed by Step 2 the intense hydration. I feel this product would be great  for very dry skin and mature readers. It retails around the £30 mark so generally more that I would spend on a face mask but sometimes in life you have to spend a little more now and again! The ingredients include both Argan and Cranberry Oil.

Lastly my final mask is the Clinique Moisture Surge Mask. I have used various bits and pieces from Clinique over the years mainly their mascaras and skin block. Again this was a present. Although for those peeps in the UK, there's always some sort of special deal with Clinique. You know the buy two get a free make-up bag free kind of deal, so even though it may seem a bit much at £30.00 depending on where you buy it for instance Boots (points) or where ever. You can make it work for you and your purse strings, Now back to the mask! This mask really is the king of masks when it comes to adding moisture to your skin. It can also be used in different ways as well from a tradition mask which you then wipe off with a cloth to using as a night cream. Really nourishing and if money was no object I would buy this on repeat.

Which moisturizing masks do you use?


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