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I love those *What's in my bag series, don't you? I am super nosy and I find it really interesting to find out what products people keep in them. My bag is normally full of receipts and empty wrappers and loose coppers sitting at the bottom of my bag as well as the essentials such as my door key and purse and a normally broken from the wind umbrella!!

I love the beauty blogger ICT, she is super stylish so the contents of her bag do not surprise me in the slightest. I love her Whistles card holder and Kurt Geiger bag, very cute.  Although I never carry my passport with me but then again I tend not to travel on a whim, my travelling takes months of planning that's the Virgo in me, I think.  9 Bar? I've yet to try......are these nice?? 

Fitness Toast aka Faye is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach, she literally glows...I mean seriously like a megawatt lightbulb!! Her bag is a very stylish/gym bag. Sometimes it's hard to find stylish gym kit full stop so this bag is a beauty.  I am not surprised her bag contains lots of healthy natural products and snacks....and of course the I-Phone!! Follow Faye instagram account  Here

I have only recently started following this blog. I found via Bloglovin when they recommend people. Had a little nose around and thought yeah I like you! Any blogger with marble in the background is pretty much okay with me! Her contents in her bag are pretty much similar to what's in my bag actually. I always carry the same lip gloss well Vaseline, tissues and a hand cream. Although my choice of snack is a Yorkie Bar and not a health snack so I'm going wrong there. 

Again another super stylish blogger is Katie and again the contents of her bag do not surprise me. YSL clutch purse, yes please.  Chloe roll on perfume, check.....Mac lippie check. Her bag, just in sight is a Whistles bag. I've never bought any handbags from Whistles...not because I dislike them...it's just been like that. I think I should check out Whistles more as I often hear other bloggers sing their praises. They also do good sales as well...so there's no excuse for more of a nosy!


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