M.O.T Your Face And Body For Spring

Hi Guys, the warmer weather has crept in at last, the days are staying lighter for that bit longer (although not long enough!) and this means we are revealing parts of ourselves we normally keep hidden.  We, by that I mean (mainly me!) are now in a panic at the thought of  summer holidays being  just around the corner. We, by that I mean I (again) didn't quite stick to the promise of hitting the gym as often as I should/would/could have done. If any of you are in the same position,  I've put together a little beauty knowledge on how you can look the best *you in time for Spring/Summer and actually for all year awesomeness.


 You hair takes a battering all year round doesn't it. If' it's not being subjected to constant colouring and heat appliances.  You can guarantee then, that the sun will dry it out at some point. Our hair is our crowning glory and a good hair day can literally make your day even if that's the only good thing to happen. Laying off the heated appliances in the warmer months is a good idea, I know the drier air makes this a lot easier to do. If you wash your hair in the morning, put your hair up in a bun during the day and then let down in the evening for tousled curls. Getting a good trim and upping the deep conditioning during the summer months is a big tip I would give. Even if it's only once a week, set aside time or work out a way in which you can combine this with doing something else! ie. Watching telly.

I know everyone loves the feeling of the sun on the face, I love this feeling of the heat. However too much sun is not good for the skin. As well as the more serious concerns such as cancer, the sun also plays a big part in aging of the skin.  A good SPF is a must all year round especially in the summer months. People tend to wear less make-up in the summer months but this doesn't necessarily mean your skin is looking better as I know some people find they develop more spots for one thing. Facial scrubs (the right one for your skin) can wonder wonders at giving your skin a fresh look.


If you're feeling slightly guilty that you are not as toned as you thought you would have been by now then don't worry as I'm sure you are not the only one. Our good intentions starting on the 2nd Jan (no one starts them on the 1st right!) somehow seemed to have disappeared by mid February. Sometimes it's hard to keep to a gym or keep fit routine when you work full time.  Combine this with working longer hours and commuting, your lucky if you have time to eat. The products above are all products I recommend to get your skin glowing, a good brush to exfoliate and to get rid of all your dry skin followed my a moisturizing body lotion to make your skin all soft and strokeable.

Yes, we know we shouldn't probably tan but we like it, so we do!! I don't feel a little summer rays is bad for the skin in fact if can have a positive effect on our skin and our moods. Notice how much happier people are when the weather is warmer. In London you notice people staying out after work socialising. All the cafe on the street are full of people in holiday mode. A good fake tan can really make a huge difference to your confidence in the summer months, when you start to wear more revealing clothes. If the sun tends to ignore you (you don't tan) Ditto!! There are loads of good fake tans on the market today. Shop around and look for ones that have good reviews/been recommended. Especially if said person recommending product has a similar skin tone to yours. My top tip is to always set aside to do your fake tan properly, people always seem to make mistakes because they are applying their tan in a rush.


 I am not a huge *foot lover as such. To be honest I hate feet really. However I know we have to look after our feet and I know lots of people are okay with feet and even have been known to wear things like sandals and flip flops. There is one thing however that I don't get and that's why people expose their heels when they resemble camels hoof's. Dry skin on the back of the heels is perfectly natural and I'm sure most of us will experience this at some point but there are lots of products on the market nowadays that can help with this Micro Pedi Power Rapid Hard Skin Remover is one such product. I'm going to be buying this next pay day as I feel my feet need a little SOS to remove all my dead skin.  But however you deal with hard skin on the back of your heels I think the most important thing is to stick to a regular routine. Corns as well can be another problem, from wearing tight shoes and high heels. Depending on how bad your corns are you can use products such as This However you may also need to pay a Chiropodist a visit as well to prevent them getting worse. Now once you have these issues sorted then it's now down to regular moisturusing and a nice coating of nail polish on your tootsies. A good pedicure can cover a multiple of sins. Below are some products I recommend for feet. They can be found pretty much everywhere. 


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