Four Nourishing Hair Masks To Try

My first pick is the Phyto Extreme Hair Mask This mask is slightly on the more expensive side. It retails at nearly £40 but it's an excellent hair mask for those damaged, dry and brittle hair types amongst us. It helps to create stronger hair over time and is really great for those who bleach their tresses often. There's nothing worse than seeing hair that's been bleached within an inch of it's life and looking all frazzled and crisp....if I've described you...then you need this in your life! Pronto....

Another great nourishing hair mask is this Espa Hair and Scalp Mud Treatment Fab for those who suffer with dry scalps, this helps to nourish and soothe particularly if you find yourself inclined to scratch that itch resulting in those pesky white dots! Again like the mask above this adds much needed nourishment and moisture to dry/colour treated hair types.  This mask retails at around £32.00

Jennifer Anniston owned Living Proof Mask Treatment is a great treatment for those frizz prone types. If your hair is naturally curly it will keep your hair in check. If your hair is damaged and prone to breakage then this mask will without a  doubt keep your hair in check. It helps to add much needed strength to your hair as well as softness and shine.  It retails around the £35.00

My last pick is the more budget friendly choice from Richard Ward Anti Ageing Treatment
It's labelled as *anti ageing* but what does they really mean for your hair? I mean some women in the 50's have never coloured their hair at all but some girls in the 20's have been every colour under the sun. I think it's safe to say if you've coloured your hair  ( a lot) regardless of your age your hair is going to look both dry and damaged. This little mask helps to add some much needed nourishment back into your hair and for the price of a fiver too.

What great masks do you guys use/suggest? I would love to know.


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