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Yes, more haircare talk here, yes I am obsessed with anything hair related!  I'm on a never ending quest to grow my hair longer, actually when I say longer, I really mean all one length. A hairdresser who shall remain nameless hacked into my hair and gave me random odd levels that looked okay at the time when she styled my hair but at home they didn't sit right. I would say to anyone thinking of having layers cut in is  not to have too many cut in or have them done to short especially if your hair is long. (Watch your chosen hairdresser like a hawk!)

So with this is mind, alongside using a nourishing hair care routine and eating a healthier diet. I decided to throw some supplements into the mix as well. Philip Kingsley for anyone who hasn't heard of this man is practically hairdressing royalty. He qualified as a Trichologist in 1953 (yes, really) and still works today. His age hasn't been mentioned on the site but I am going to guess he is easily in his seventies. He started working in his uncles hairdressing salon at 16 but recognised the psychological issues regarding hair in both sexes. This was the reason why he decided to qualify as a Trichnologist.

He opened his first flagship store in Mayfair in 1968. His haircare range started with only 5 products now he has over 50!! Including these tablets.  I have to say I found his website really interesting. Anyone with ANY CONCERN what so ever with their hair, should read his website. There's also a really interesting section on hair and nutrition. It's a free site, I really do recommend doing this. 

Philip Kingsley PKE - Soya Protein Capsules are nutritional supplements. Hair has three stages. Anagen(active stage) Catagen (in between stage) and Telogen (resting stage) The protein is absorbed during the growth stage.  His site recommends you take the tablets for at least three months to see a benefit. I started taking mine on January 1st of this year, yes I know! The tablets themselves are not the smallest I've ever seen and are a good 2cms. Directions are two capsules twice per day. I take mine in the morning and in the evening.
I will be updating you on how my hair is getting along with these guys. My bottle cost me £25.00 . I think this is really good value as there are some other well know hair supplements that cost about £50.00. Three months is the recommended amount of time you take these supplements before you notice a difference in hair volume and growth.

Has anyone else taken or used anything from this range?


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