Beauty Favourites this month

Can you believe it's nearly the end of January already, how?? Surely there's something wrong with my watch! Alas no, sadly, speaking for myself, as soon as I start to like a season, you know really get to grips with it, the season is almost over....I remember as a child, I really lived in the moment. I never waited until the next day or the weekend, if me or my friends wanted to go somewhere, do something we would do it then and there. We lose that spontaneity the older we get, sadly. I mean when you have a job and commitments or a family, you can't really just do what you want all the time , can you? 

On an everyday basis now, I tend to wear tinted moisturiser. However this month, possible due to over indulgence over Christmas and New Year, I've been needing something with a bit more oopmh. Step forward my trusted foundation. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. I love this foundation, yes it is on the cheaper side of foundations but more expensive ones don't turn me into Gisele so! This foundation suits me skin type adds a little glow to my skin and stops me from looking like death warmed up.

Next up is my favourite little pink Tangle Teezer They really are amazing aren't the? I love that I can use this both on wet and dry hair.  It's so easy to use and look after. Stores easily in your hand bag. Brushing your hair the wrong way can actually damage your hair and create more split ends so a good hair brush is essential. I photographed thr brush this way especially as they are a couple of rogue hairs I just can't seem to get out (I hate pictures of anything with rogue hairs around them, sorry!)

My last much needed product this month has been my  Revlon 150 Charmed Cream Blush. I was previously a big fan of the Maybelline cream blushers but I think Revlon had a special deal going on in Boots (me and my Boots card, match made in heaven!) and I switched sides!! I do still love Maybelline by the way. I prefer cream blushers as I find them easier to apply and blend. I have to wear some sort of blusher as my skin is so pale I can look slightly ill without it. This shade suits my skin tone and gives me a healthy but natural (I hope) glow.

What's been your favourites this month?? 


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