Goal Setting For The Pessimist- Part Two

This is my follow on from Monday's post which ended up being a lot longer than I thought it would be! I guess I have a lot more to say about goal setting than I thought!

Everyone tells you to write long term goals, short term goals, five year goals, ten year goals etc etc. I know these are really good things to do and lots of people are very successfully at doing them this way but if you're like me and find yourself writing the same goals year in and year out. Then you may want to change things...that's of course if you want to!

I feel in the past, I have often over looked the actual daily process of reaching my goals. I haven't given any real thought to how I would work my goal into my daily life.  What steps I would need to take, how much time I would need to devote to them. 

Specific and Process - these are the key words.  To help you achieve your goals. 

First up, write down a list of things you would like to achieve in your life without thinking whether they are short/long term attainable or not. Just let your mind run wild with possibilities  Leave your list a day or two. Now go back to your list and decide which of these are goals you want to achieve not  goals you think you should be achieving because your mum or your best friend says so. I say it's best to pick 5 to work towards. To many goals can be both over whelming and confusing,

Now that you have a list of goals, you should be able to see which goals are going to require longer to achieve and which ones can be achieved over a shorter period of time.  Sometimes the goals we write are actually quite similarly and can be placed together often.  For instance say you want to qualify in  health and nutrition and you are also trying to lose a stone in weight, these two can be placed alongside each other as they will work together hand in hand. Long term goals for instance put a deposit together to buy a property requires a serious amount of saving. But what if your don't have lots of cash floating around after you pay your current rent? Firstly you could think about changes you could easily introduce into to your current life. Be honest, how much money do you waste on buying coffee at Starbucks, buying magazines and random chocolates at the service station. Although you may feel that it's only a few pounds here and there. If you spend £5.00 doing this every day, then over the course of the month that's £150.00 a month or £1800.00 per year!! Also look into earning extra money by earning promotion through your current position or working part time at the weekend or evening. If you opt for the route of working a part time job remember that you will pay more tax on your second job for starters and more importantly chose something that will enhance your life in some way. Working in a bar is popular as the shifts can be flexible and you have the opportunity of meeting lots of interesting people. 

Once you have your list of goals, think about how they will fit into your life at present and how if anything you will have to change to make your goal happen. For example, you may want to do an Open Learning University course, but what if you are working full time with an active social life, think carefully about how you will be able to study, will you be able to make this workload manageable without over doing things. Do you have children, will you need help with child care?  Do you have 10- 15 hours a week to study this course over a long period of time? If you want to do this course because you want to change your career then you are going to have to make changes in your life, do you really need to go out five times a week? Can you study via your commute? Perhaps a local college will give you a taster on your chosen topic?

The process, is to enjoy your goal as you make it happen on a daily basis, enjoying your journey as so to speak. If your studying at home for a degree, you can feel pleased with yourself as you know that studying now will mean in three years time they will be calling your name out on stage.

Specifically, you  know those diaries you can buy with the times written in them, they are not just for middle aged men! Writing your goal by the time is actually a form of commitment to yourself.  If you want to carry out your goals they do require you to become a little selfish. You will have to put yourself to the forth front. If you fancy yourself as  chick flick writer than you could write down firinstance from 6.30am - 7.00am, I will write 500 words on my novel every week day. that's 2500 words written in one week, 10,000 by the end of the month. In eight months time you will have written 80,000 words the average amount for a chick lit book. That leaves four months to re edit your book. In one year alone, by giving up half an hour a day you will have managed to write your first book.

I have started to do this, as normally when my computer is open before I know it all my social media tabs are open and then  I'm watching a video of a monkey feeding a baby (don't ask!)

Goals are hard, sometimes there are times you want to see results and fast. Like yes I know it;s Wednesday but I've been following my diet since Monday, why don't I look any different!! Ha! Yes. Also goals are fluid and can change, maybe the goals you keep hanging onto isn't realistic any more or you don't really have any major goals?? I know I would love to go abroad on holiday at least twice a year. In order to do this, I am going to open an account and set aside money to place in here.

It's all the little steps we take each day that help us on our way to our goals.  Keep focused...and before you know it!!


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