Chocolate Gifts £20 and under

What could be better than chocolate created to look like biscuits? Nothing......this set is created by a company called Chocolate on Chocolate. Check them out here: Chocolate Biscuits
These are adorable aren't they? Mini Chocolate Truffle Ice-Creams. Really lovely to give as a gift but equally if you're thinking of hosting a dinner party than I'm sure your guests would appreciate them. Ice Cream Truffles
The guys behind this brand really are a work of art, they create chocolate and turn them into the most unusual things. I love to sit on the tube pretending to put this lipstick on  and then start eating it!! Would anyone notice on a London tube? Probably not!! Chocolate Cosmetic Set
Something a little more traditional here. Chocolate inside chocolate!! Gingerbread House This is too cute and something you would not want to share, one chocolate drop if you must!
Yes, chocolate is a super food. Well they are according to these Maqui Berry Detox They contain (something I have never heard of) Lucuma and Maca which have the highest rating level of ORAC, which basically means in a nutshell...they are the Queens of Chocolates.....see I always knew chocolate was a super food. 


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