Links This Week 20/11/15

Wood for chopping!! Picture taken during my visit to Cotehele

I love reading blogs via Bloglovin. I don't tend to buy magazines any more as reading blogs tends to give me my *fix as so to speak.  Below are some posts I've loved this week.

A lovely read from FROM ROSES Flat Photography Rebecca completed a degree in Photography and it shows. If you need advice/tips on this subject, Rebecca is your lady. I loved this post. I find it hard to photography things flat on, mine always looks *Blah* Must try harder in 2016!

Some really good life advice on reaching your fitness goals from Lurchhoundloves I'm currently trying to live a healthier all round lifestyle so this was useful to me. Keeping fit is a long term goal.   I tend to lose weight then put it back on a couple of months later. Curb this habit!

Keeping on a healthy theme. I saved this recipe from  Vivianna Does Make-Up Bircher Muesli. Breakfast for whatever reason really has me stumped. What to eat. Lunch and dinner, I'm  fine with thinking ahead but breakfast...I buy cereal, then I want eggs, then I want toast, I always seem to throw away the fruit I buy for breakfast as I never fancy that either. My nan ate  Weetabix EVERYDAY for like over thirty years!! Why does breakfast confuse me so much!?!

Another super idea for breakfast from The Sunday Chapter Banana Bread Overnight Oats Prepare some of the ingredients the night before and in the morning when you're in a rush from sleeping through the alarm, not just me! You can then whack the rest together in the morning. No matter how late I am for anything I always must eat something before I leave the house, I can't leave the house in the morning without eating breakfast. I.JUST.CAN'T.DO.IT! (see above)

What posts have you enjoyed reading this week?


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