{Life} 20 Things To Do For a Happier Life - Updated/

Hi Guys, I wrote this post earlier in the year but have since updated to include a few more idea's for a happier life. . Most of us are striving for the same things really in life, to be happy and healthy, do a job we love and marry Ryan Gosling!! Most of our goals are large and often require us to dedicate large chunks of our time towards them.  This is all fine and dandy but I think sometimes in order to achieve this we can often overlook things that make as happy on a day to day basis.. My little list is something I shall be trying to do...although number two.....that's going to be hard for me....I'm a Virgo! The picture  above is Knightstone Harbour in Weston Super Mare, in case you're wondering......

1// Eat fruit and vegetables every day
2// Don't complain
3// Stretch in the morning when I wake up and before I go to bed
4// Throw things away you don't need
5// Smile more
6// Go outside
7// Live life with no regrets
8//  Keep on top of house cleaning
9// Call your mum/dad often
10//Tell your nearest and dearest how much you love them
11// Go to the ballet
12// Read a new book
13// Don't dwell on past mistakes
14// Drink more and then some more!
15// Get a new haircut
16// Cook a new dish
17// Watch a play
18// Buy a lipstick in a different colour from your normal
19// Learn a new sport
20// Show gratitude



  1. All wonderful advice :)
    And drink tons of tea :)

  2. And I would add two items to that list: Sing: in the shower, the car or at a bar. Dance: Either alone or in public, but dance, dance, dance!
    Texas Jak

  3. Great list! I think hardest for me would be not complaining and stretching everyday...and... actually many of these are so hard for me! You've inspired me to make my own list to simplify and make life happier =)

  4. Great list! I'm a Virgo too and don't even realise I'm complaining half of the time!! x

  5. I love your post. It reminds me little things that I used to do to make my day



  6. Amen to 5, 14, and 20!! 4 and 8 are a work in progress for me :) Great List!


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