How to keep fit during the Winter months

I find keeping fit and eating healthily a lot harder to do/follow in the Winter months than in the summer. Dark colder mornings followed by a few hours of sunlight then the nights drawing in around 4pm! Do not motivate me towards the gym. All I want to do is nest on the sofa with hot chocolate and marshmallows followed by lots of stodge. Exercise well erm......I did walk from the sofa to the fridge....Your body is covered with layers of clothing, so it's not like you have to expose yourself to anyone as the earliest time you might be wearing a bikini again is summer 2016...so it doesn't really matter if you put on a pound or six. Right?

Come January though when the festival season is over, your back to work and everything seems grey and dreary.  Do you really want to be faced with the challenges of losing the extra weight you put on over the duration of one month as well as all the other New Year Resolutions you may have made?? Not me, not this time. These past couple of months have seen me  heading to the gym quite regularly as I know that Christmas is a bad time for me. I openly admit I am very greedy when it comes to food. I love food!! Below are some tips to keep trim and lean during these forth coming months.

If you don't have access to a gym near to where you live or work there are lots of other ways to keep fit during this season.

1 // DVD  An oldie, but a goldie, There are hundred and hundreds to choose from.  Pick  up a few (for variety ) and promise yourself that you will follow your chosen DVD at least three times a week. 

2 // Youtube What isn't on Youtube nowadays??? Lots of good free information out there. Get searching and find something that's YOU.

3 // Do you belong to a gym but find you rarely go?? Ask yourself why is that? Is it too far from where you live? Perhaps  you can swap to a gym that's closer to your work. Only you know the real reason why. Perhaps book in for a personal trainer session and get to grips with all the equipment if you feel a little un-confident. 

4 // Buddy Up. I prefer to exercise on my own but I know lots of people prefer to exercise with someone for motivation. Find someone with a similar or slightly better fitness level than yourself and get going.

5 //  Baby Steps. Sometimes people don't bother simple because they don't have the time to go to the gym or work out for an hour. Then you can fall into a *Well why bother then?* But what about getting  off the bus/tube  one step earlier. Ten squats whilst you are waiting for the kettle to boil. It all adds up. Baby steps in the right direction. 

What ways do you like to keep fit during the Winter/Christmas month


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