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I  joined the National Trust recently and have promised myself to go to as many different properties as I possible can. Recently I was in Devon, visiting my sister and her family. We decided to head to Cotehele. Sadly it was pouring with rain on the day we visited and  the house itself was unusual busy.  I didn't get to take as many pictures as I wanted due to the weather.  We didn't visit the Quay or the Mill area which I really wanted to. Partly this was due to having two small people with us.
Check out my sister, her two kids and her rather large brolly!!
 Part of Cotehele House
Cotehele house is the ancestral home to the Edgcumbe family. It was passed on to the National Trust in 1947.  The area itself is huge, we  only managed to visit, I would estimate about  a fifth of the Estate  that day.  The Estate also contains a  Mill,  Quay, a ship called the Shamrock, a boathouse, five different gardens, a Chapel. You really do need to spend a full day there, and even visit a couple of times just to see everything.  Sadly for me, that day was not the day. 
Rather lovely corner
 This was the lovely view from looking outside Cotehele
 The entrance to Cotehele
I think what surprised me about the house was how many small rooms it contained. Even the bedrooms were small. I expected them to be large. It was little rooms leading to further little rooms. When I say little, I don't mean short! 
 Another part of the house, note the wet weather.
 Lovely retreat in the Valley Garden
We only visited one of the gardens and it was slightly wild.  The paths were  uneven, so no proper access for wheelchair users or people with prams.  
 My niece is six, note the size of the leaves compared to her, she is average size for her age!
 We pretended they were leaves for dinosaurs!!!
I will certainly be going back to Cotehele at some point next year as I barely felt I scratched the surface. Next time though, I will go on my own, that way I will be able to take as many pictures as I like and will be able to walk around the whole site. 

Has anyone else been here??


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