Charles Worthington - Moisturising Seal Range

Due to having lots of hair, I seem to find myself either talking about buy haircare or actually buying them.  At the moment I am trying to cut down on my spending habits but having said that, there are still things that are on constant repeat buying, haircare being one such thing. 

I picked up this little lot recently from the CHARLES WORTHINGTON MOISTURE SEAL collection. I purchased the shampoo, conditioner and balm.
I tend to get through a lot of haircare due to the sheer amount of hair I have on my head. Now that the weather is gradually turning that bit colder and we're most definitely heading into winter my hair has been getting that little bit frizzier. I realised then, that I needed to add a lot more moisture into my hair than what it had been  currently receiving. However due to my budget, I didn't have a huge amount to spend. I turned to CW as I have used The Overnight Mask from the same range before and really liked the result.

The shampoo and conditioner are both designed for dry hair. Hair that requires nourishment and hydration. Winter tends to play havoc with my hair. I can't tell you the amount of times, I've left my flat looking decent only to arrive at work looking liked I been sapped by an electric power station!  Long hair tends to be that bit drier as well. It's enriched with Aragon Oil  and contains some kind of heat protection complex. I would still use a heat protection oil/spray regardless of what it says on the bottle.  These guys are fairly new to me so I can't say for defiantly whether they are long term keepers or not. What I can say is that my hair does feel softer and less wild!!
Lastly I also bought the balm . Naughty me did not read the instructions on the box properly. This a product you use before you shampoo and condition. I initially bought this as I was hoping to use instead of buying a conditioner. Just as well I did put the regularly conditioner in my basket.  The balm is solid. To use, you take a small amount between your fingertips and rub until it becomes an oil, you apply this to dry hair and them comb through. Leave on for about twenty minutes and then rinse followed by your shampoo and conditioner. The Intense Rescue Melting Balm is for thirsty, damaged and over styled hair.  This is such an easy product to apply. As I'm using all three products together, it's hard to say if there's a standout product amongst them. I normally wash my hair three times a week. Currently I use the balm for 2 out of three times. I do feel my hair is softer when I use the balm  than without.  I'm on a quest for waist length hair, I know how trivial and shallow!!  I just love long hair. The last time I had hair this length I was probably about 8! So some time ago. A few years ago whilst working in Jo Malone, I served a lady who happened to be in her eighties (we got chatting and she told me her age. I didn't ask. I'm not that nosy!) she was wearing her hair in a plait, it was super long and the most amazing silver colour I had ever seen, I thought yeah, I want that!!

I will keep using these until I run out and then give a final verdict later as some point. Has anyone had good results with these guys.? 


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