New in (Chanel No:5)

Hello beautiful baby, come to mummy!! Ha! Ha! Can you believe this is the first time I've owned a Chanel No5?? Well when I say owned, I mean bought one with my own money for myself, just because.  Fragrances are normally something I put down on my Birthday/Christmas wish list as I can never justify spending that much on a *trivia item  when there's always something else (practical) I need. BUT earlier this month, I thought....No, it's my money, sod it!  I'm going to treat myself....so this little baby came home with me!

I now feel a little closer to the Parisian chic that I often lust after.  I will most certainly be looking after this bottle rather than throwing it around my cupboards like I normally do with my products. No leaving on my bathroom shelf either as I don't want other sticky fingers on this either...you know who you are!!

Does anybody use/love Chanel No:5?

Jessica. X

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