Dismaland (failure to get in!)

I'm sure you guys are all aware of a certain artist called Banksy and a certain Dismaland  located in a not very well known area on the south west coast of England called Weston Super Mare.
I tried to buy tickets online but couldn't  as the site kept crashing. So, I decided to bite the bullet and queue whilst I was visiting my parents. In hindsight  I didn't think my plan  through carefully enough as I decided to queue at 10.00, the same time it opened.....of course the queue for the queue with out tickets was incredibly long....not one to be put of by silly mile long queues, I  joined them. I waited and I waited and I erm waited....three hours to be precise with still no ticket.  It was now 1pm. A guy announced that the next lot of tickets would be available from 3pm. Another two hour wait.
Just for the record, people who  managed to snag  tickets on line still had to queue before they were allowed in due to the  sheer number of people visiting. These ticket holders were  given priority before they let anyone else it. So I was looking at another two hours on top of the two hours I already I had to wait.  I went home! Defeated!!
It was rather warm that day. I didn't feel particular hot but later that evening when I was getting ready for bed, I had to double look in the mirror as I had obvious sun burn marks across the top of my chest!!
I then had to slap on lots of E45 every couple of hours to try and calm the redness down. I think that serves me right for standing so long in a queue....bloodly Banksy! The pictures were taken from outside the venue but I hear things were better inside! The surrounding area looked like a tip or maybe it was *Art? Who knows...

Banksy kindly allowed residents of Weston free entrance on the first day, below are some of my mum's snaps. Thanks Mum!! Xx

 Did anyone managed to grab any tickets? Did you like? Yes?No? I'd love to know..


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