Q & A

Q. Why did you decide to call your blog Vodkaandroses?

A. Truthfully, I wanted to call my blog Jessica something or a beauty related title but every time I entered something into the blogspot, all the names I could think off were taken! Vodka is my drinking weapon of choice and Rose my surname, so I decided to link the two together instead. 

Q. What camera do you use?

A.  I currently use  a Canon EOS 700D

Q. Do you like Vodka?

A. Yes, I do...but not neat...I like a splash of coke. Hardcore I am not.

Q. Is it true you like Vintage?

A. I lurveee vintage dresses and furniture. I love all manners of bric a brac. Hunting around charity shops is an enjoyable pastime of mine. I will not share my favourite haunts. Sorry, I'm nice but not that nice...Hey what can I say...it's a tough world out there.

Q. What do you do for a living?

A. I work in an office, doing *interesting* stuff on a computer. 
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