10 Instagram worth snappy places in London

Hi Guys,  now I will admit, I was extremely late to this instagram business stuff....like only last September but I appreciate the beauty

1 Changing of the Guards - Buckingham Palace
Seriously anyone in London has to take a picture of this event. Firstly it really is a wonderful tradition to watch, secondly the pictures always garner a lot of response and thirdly hot  man in uniform alert......helooooooooooo

2. Kings Cross Platform 9 and three quarters
Calling all Harry Potters, actually calling everyone really....don't go to Kings Cross without trying your luck through the magical platform..

3. Abbey Road Zebra Crossing
If its good enough for the Beatles, then its good enough for us....who can resit....this may be best when you bring your mates with you...to see if you can copy the exact pose

4. Big Ben
One of the most popular landmarks in London. See if you can squeeze the face of Big Ben between your fingers

5. The Shard
This one isn't for people with a phobia of heights.......if you're lucky enough not to have a fear of height then you'll truly get to see different side to London, Little ants in a big city

6.National History Museum
A fan museum for anyone to visit as its free and contains a lot if interesting facts and is also within walking distance of Harrods....winner.....seriously the staircase in her....is worth the visit alone

7 Bayswater Street, Chelsea
Ever wondered where all those pretty pinks house were that you find yourself lusting after..well look no further than this street as its covered with all things pretty

8 Neals Yard, Covent Garden
Another great outdoor place to photograph is this place. One of the most photographed places in London I bet.

9. Churchchill Arms
Yes, this is a pub but it is also one of the most beautiful pubs you will ever see.....I've yet to see a bad photograph of this pub...you can also drink your beer whilst your at it!!


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