New In - Beauty products to transform your life!!

Ha! Okay, the title of this post, may be a little over the top...but it caught your eye!!

Ahhh the allure of shiny new products a??? You might have a shelf, drawer, cupboard, room stuffed to the brim full of products but you can't just help adding one more to the other gallons you're already hoarding.....and there always seem to be a good reason as to why you need more....so allow me to help you on your quest!!

Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture in Jungle Green £19.50

For me, summertime is all about the clashing tropical colours...even if you tend to stick to a neutral wardrobe palette of blue, white and grey.  Painting your nails in a bright colour is one of the quickest and easiest ways to freshen up your look without doing anything drastic. These guys are a little on the pricey side...but the polish does last. The higher end price tag, means you'll probably  look after it better to boot. There is a choice of 28 colours in the range, so if this shade doesn't tickle your fancy....you're sure to find something that will.

Mac Lipstick Fruity Juicy Calm Heat £16.50

Obviously, I am continuing with the tropical's theme  here with this little beauty from Mac. Isn't the packaging just divine? I know some people find Mac lipsticks can be drying on the lips but this one isn't. There are four shades in the range with different textures. The Calm Heat is the only matt texture. Like the product above, lipsticks are a quick way to change and brighten your look without having to spend as much money. I've never been someone to wear lipstick mainly as I don't feel that my lips are my best feature but the right shade and liner can make a world of difference.

Urban Decay Jean Michel Gallery Blush Palette £27.00

I love a good palette, it's like a shopping centre under one lid!! Granted yes, I know they can be a hit and miss affair.....and there's always a dud one in the line up but this palette is a goodie. The packaging has been designed by the renowned artist Jean Michal Basquiat.  I guess you can say its a collectable as well. The palette contains two blushers, a shimmy and a bronze. If you are going on holiday anytime soon, this is the one you need to pack.

Nails Inc The Getaway Collection £19.00

I know, I,m a sucker for good packaging!! What's also clever about this, is you can pack them in your hand luggage. 5ml per bottle.....we will not be parted!! Not at this price, that's for sure. This set contains a pink and coral nail polish and a combined top and base coat. Perfect for that summer tan....natural or not!!

Have you bought anything new recently or do you just repeat buy the same things??


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